Only My Taste Is Expensive.

Today I was actually feeling well enough to go out and do some shopping. Goal: To find ornaments I Like for my Charlie Brown tree.

You see I have this cheap tree ($19.97 Walmart special) and all of these hand crafted stuff from when I was a kid. Makes for a really crappy looking tree. I do however have some cream and gold porcelain ornaments that I like, but there are only like 4 of them.

Being at home puking your brains out you get some TV in. I had been watching Ellen and saw some blue ornaments that I really liked so with my debit card in one hand and puke bucket in the other I set out to find the perfect blue ornaments. Don’t worry my sister drove, she had too, my hands were full.
This is where my problem begins. I’m cheap. The art people from Ellen aren’t. I ended up buying some icicles because Tweedle E wanted them and some gold and cream (keeping up with a theme) balls. I even bought a star that was cream and gold (I’m sure I’m gonna hear it from Mr. Wonderful cause we already have a star). Cheap stores carry cheap blue and it’s all with silver. I would get the silver but I already have the gold. I’m trying to save money. To top it all off my children want the multi-coloured lights.

So where do I go to get good ornaments? I need help.

P.S. These are so not the balls I am looking for


3 thoughts on “Only My Taste Is Expensive.

  1. Could you make them? Would that be something that you would like? Remember when Heide made all of us ornaments a few years ago by first asking us what our favorite color is? I now have a blue and white swirled glass ball, and Ches has a brown and white swirled glass ball. (Who picks brown, anyway?? Just kidding. It actually turned out kinda nice. Just not what I would normally pick for my Christmas tree).

    Maybe I need to go to the Ellen site to see what ornaments you’re talking about, and then I’ll get a better idea.

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