Lest I Forget

There are many things in life I enjoy and take for granted. I have two little children who have never had to take lessons on how to put on a gas mask in school or have had to practice duck and cover. I personally have never had anyone related to me participate in a deadly battle for freedom. I had a grandfather on my mother’s side who if I remember correctly missed Pearl Harbor by a day. They were called to general quarters but never had to fight as far as I know.

Today as I was watching the Remeberance day ceremonies I felt shame. Not shame for not knowing anyone personally, but shame because I didn’t haul my children off their butts and make them watch it with me. Tweedle D participated in a Remembrance Day ceremony at school, but Tweedle E got nothing. Granted he is only five and his ability to sit still and pay attention is about as prominent as my Egyptian blood. (I figure a lot of us come from there but that is a whole other post.)

Needless to say Tweedle E wouldn’t last 2 minutes. This year out of selfishness I decided to let them off and that is why I feel shame. But you can bet next year I might be taking them to an outdoor ceremony or perhaps something might happen in church since it will be on a Sunday. Who knows? Just so those soldiers know that next year will not pass without my family’s acknowlegement of their sacrifice. I have made this pledge on my Blog to remind me Lest I forget.


5 thoughts on “Lest I Forget

  1. I didn’t do anything today at all. I even forget to get the poppy out of my jewelry box and I worked right through 11:11.

    At least you did something, my 95 year old Grandfather still WALKS as a Veteran in the ceremonies, and I didn’t do a single thing nor did I talk to my son about why this day is important to me.

  2. I didn’t do anything either. I didn’t get myself a poppy this year. I didn’t even do much of a blog post (not till the evening). I’m seriously going to have to do better next year.

  3. Caught up in my own little world I forgot what day it was. I was in Home Depot when they announced they were going to have a moment of silence. I awoke and thought ‘This is a good thing’ …until the moment arrived…..

    I would say about 1 in 10 people stopped what they were doing. The staff (even the older ones who I thought would be more aware) continued on like nothing was unusual and to top it off, they left the friggin music playing in the store! So I sat there (with Bon Jovi serenading the moment) I tried to focus…… I didnt succeed. At least not to the point where I feel that the people who have served the human race deserve.

    Im not sure Im qualified to cast stones but if you’re going to have a moment of silence, shouldnt it be silent !?!

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