You are Barking Up The Wrong Tree.

My neighbour had purchased a dog and recently has been having problems with it, except she didn’t know it because she wasn’t home. Two nights ago, their not so little puppy, barked for hours. I wasn’t keeping track of how long it was, but someone else was. Mr. Wonderful was leaving for a meeting and found this on our windshield.


If You can’t keep your dog from barking for 3 Straight hours…
You’ll come home to ONE DEAD DOG! This is not a threat but a PROMISE!

I was quite taken aback by that and didn’t know what to do. I did call the neighbour and told her that her dog was barking like crazy and that we had a note on our car about it. I didn’t tell her what it said.

A person at Mr. Wonderful’s work said we need to give it to the police, but what good is that going to do? Its not like they are going to get all CSI and test printers in the neighbourhood to identify the writer of the note. The thing I fear for is my van. If this should happen again I think the author would more likely try and damage my van first than try to kill a dog. They couldn’t even cross the street to drop the note off in the mailbox. Bunch of cowards.


3 thoughts on “You are Barking Up The Wrong Tree.

  1. Ahhhh what a caring understanding and loving society we live in. One where we solve our problems face to face and address our concerns as adults instead of resorting to unibomber style tactics.

    On another ‘note’ (hehehe) Alyson… I wore gloves so you won’t get any fingerprints on the note. I purchased the paper from a place in switzerland and had it sent to a US postal outlet. I picked up the paper on a routine trip through the US and put pollen from a tree that only grows in texas on the paper (to throw everyone off). Then I hermetically sealed the paper and brought it (Along with the fountain pen that I bought in El Salvador) back to Canada. Last night I wrote the note and put on a hoodie and a Groucho Marx mask and placed it under your windshield wiper. So bringing it to the police would be pointless… you will never know it’s me!! hahahaha (evil laugh)

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