Sickness Is For The Birds

That’s probably where they came up with Avian Flu. Anyway, I haven’t posted in a while because I have been sick. Lets be honest I haven’t done anything for a while because I have been sick. I seemed to have stepped out of my life. So much is not getting done which is funny because I never thought I did that much. I’m lucky to have friends and family to get my kids from school and a husband who has taken over the morning routine. They have really stepped up. I just feel useless lying here surrounded by Kleenex and pills to make me feel better (what a crock).

One of the good things about being sick is I have curbed that enormous appetite of mine. I should be at least 5lbs thinner when this is all over. Food and I have an understanding. I hate it and he hates me so we try to avoid each other but when necessary we are civilized.

Things I have learned while being sick:

My kids need both parents

It does take a village

Water is Gross

I’m a whiny baby

I really do need my mother.

I need to say no sometimes.

Pepsi is better than Coke (sorry Sariah)

I can’t spit worth beans

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