Oh Baby, I’m So Tired

Just over ten years ago I had a roommate who would say “Oh baby, I’m so tired.” all the time. She said she got it from an Oprah show where a couple were having a problem with the frequency of sex. He wanted it and she didn’t. Well before you jump to any conclusions the frequency of sex is not what this post is about, but now that I have your attention….

Lately I have been wondering if humans hibernate, because if they do that would explain a lot. I’m tired and I could sleep pretty much anywhere and at any time. I am longing for my bed all day. My comfortable clothes look like pajamas and I’m contemplating a whole wardrobe full of workout clothes. Nice workout clothing so that others will think I am active as well as giving great footage for when someone nominates me for “What Not To Wear.” Could you please get on that.

Maybe its the crash that happens after a holiday (Canadian thanksgiving) or maybe its the fact they already have Christmas trees at the Local Zellers that is making me want to close my eyes and drift off in a peaceful slumber. It can’t be my 13 year old secondhand tilted lumpy bed. Maybe instead of complaining I should be grateful. We all know it could be worse I could go back to my nights of insomnia where deceased horses are repeatedly flogged or I could enter the new world of Narcolepsy.


7 thoughts on “Oh Baby, I’m So Tired

  1. Maybe it’s your new job. Work makes me tired.
    I like your idea on the work out wear. I think you’re on to something. And if you get a free shopping trip to New York out of it, even better!

  2. Actually Alyson,

    The Oprah show your roommate was referring to aired about 10 years ago. The topic of discussion that day was: Women who have difficulty getting their spouses interested in sex. The highlight of the show was a middle aged couple from Oaklahoma or Texas (I think), whom Oprah interviewed. The woman did a great job of imitating her husbands reply to her, anytime she tried to get something going with him…Oh baby I’m so tired, he would say to her (in a southern drawl). Oprah recorded it and replayed the phrase throughout the show…the audience laughing hysterically each time. Poor guy. His work buddies probably never let him live that one down.

    Thanks for your website post. Now you know the exact truth of the matter.

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  4. Wish someone had the “oh babe I’m so tired” video. My husband and I died laughing and to this day use.this phrase in lots of situations. Please someone post it.

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