Eager Beavers

Last Monday we went Beaver Hunting in the weasel Head (a park in Calgary). We set out with the Doc and his family of fairies as our guides. They are experienced beaver hunters and know the best places to look. As we entered the park Tweedle D exclaimed in shear surprise that this place was full of nature.

When we got to this spot the elusive beavers swam in the opposite direction. It was hard to get a good look at them. The Doc, in frustration stated that since the beavers weren’t food or beast of burden they should be entertaining us. In a way they were but from a distance they would taunt us by splashing with their tails.

At least on our journey we had sustenance and good company (both provided by the Doc and the Fairies) and the most beautiful day (provided by God).

And as we rounded the corner of the bridge their was a family there. They were staring intently into the trees. We asked them what they were looking at. They told us if we listened closely we could hear a beaver munching. It was dark but we could see movement. We were straining to see the beaver for about 5 minutes. Then the Doc pulled out his flashlight and Mr. Beaver came out for the show. He was so close and not at all bothered by the audience. Mr. Wonderful got as close as 2ft aimed and shot him (with his camera of course). And here he is.

What a fabulous adventure.


3 thoughts on “Eager Beavers

  1. How fun. I didn’t know you could go (photo) hunting so you could (photo) shoot beavers. Those are great photos and looks like it was a great adventure as well.

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