Two Very Tiny Scoops Please, I’m Watching My Figure.

Product in Review: Kellogg’s Raisin Bran

The marketing geniuses at Kellogg’s have had the same slogan since I can’t remember when. In fact it is such a genius slogan that I can be found singing it every time I pull out the box, maybe not out loud but singing just the same. The have done so well with product association that all other Raisin Brans shrivel up in envy. So you would think that Kellogg’s would actually have what they advertise. Today I had a regular serving size (Ikea child size bowl) and only had one raisin. It was a juicy plump raisin but again it was only one. As I looked on the package for a guarantee, I found one of those get out of jail free statement telling me that the contents may undergo settling in transportation. They have an answer for everything don’t they. All I would like is at least 6 raisins in each 3/4 cup serving. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Please note I said at least, if ‘s would like err on the side of caution who am I to day anything?

I also have other questions are these regulation scoops and when are the two scoops added? Do they figure out a ratio and mix the raisins in with the bran before packaging or do they really add the two scoops to each box? I wouldn’t have all these questions if there weren’t so many inconsistencies.
The one thing Kellogg’s does have is there raisins are better that most noname brands but I want quality and quantity and I don’t want to pay $8.00 a box. That’s highway robbery.


7 thoughts on “Two Very Tiny Scoops Please, I’m Watching My Figure.

  1. lmao…the way your mind works is so fun! And that’s a compliment!
    Cereal prices…ridiculous! I only purchase when Safeway or Coop have the 2 for 1 sales…which is this week at Safeway…& then I stock up…my husband is a cereal fanatic!

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