Love Thursday

This is a picture of he last day of our last camping trip. Our family went to Waterton to camp. Unfortunately it was full so we camped 3 Km (2 miles) away at another campground. So far that was the best trip we have had as a family. Actually it was the only summer trip we had, because this summer was ridiculously busy. I’m so happy we made time for our family because it easily could have not happened.

In the picture Tweedle D and Tweedle E are enjoying our dessert (mini oreos). If you will look closely at Tweedle D’s teeth you will notice one is slightly askew. He lost that one shortly after the trip.

Finally, because I couldn’t choose, I decided to add this picture of Mr. Wonderful. Its his birthday today. Unfortunately he is working and won’t be home until late, but we will celebrate another day. I love you and am looking forward to kissing my first 32 year old. I so love robbing the cradle.


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