A Little Left Of Reality

This is not a post about this althought I do like his work. I’m posting about my guilty pleasure, reality shows. Not all reality shows because frankly some are really stupid. Ok most are really stupid.


Big Brother

I watched the first season and thought it was awesome. I watched the second season, missed a few shows but became a fan of chilltown (Will). They lost me in season 3, 4, 5 and 6. I started watching it all those times but quickly lost interest. Big Brother 7 “allstars” came and Will was back. Although he is one of the most decitful players, but you have to admire his ability to read people and play them. His only mistake this time is he forgot (or didn’t know) girls talk.



This show came out the same time as Big Brother. I didn’t watch the first season because I was too busy being a voyeur with Big Brother. I watched the second season and was lost again in season 3. I think I watched season two because of Colby and his progression to supreme ruggedness

Well Survivor has begun its 13th and most controversial season due to the race factor. I’m sure everyone has their own opinions and predictions (please ignore the pictures in the link). After listening to Rick Forchuck an entertainment reporter talk about the bios I have only one question, ok maybe two. How come the “white team” is the only team that has a Rock star/ wrestler and a Roller derby girl? All of the other teams have people with real professions. What is survivor trying to prove?

Although most people (media) are disgusted by this seasons plan to spice things up, I think most are going to tune in. You know you will. It’s my train wreck theory. You just want to see how bad it gets.


The Mole

One of the best reality shows ever made but dropped 3 episodes into season two due to the changes. Sadly the network spiced up the show too much but season one was awesome. Imagine my surprise when I saw Anderson Cooper on CNN a few years later.


The Amazing Race

This has got to be the best reality show ever. I admit I haven’t seen every season. If there was one reality show I would apply to be on, it would be this one (because the Mole was dropped). Unlike most I enjoyed the family edition. All the Driving reminded me of my own family vacations. We drove everywhere, the family was too big to afford to fly.

I think my favorite contestants were Rob and Amber. Mostly I liked them because everyone else didn’t like them and they didn’t seam to care. I think that was Will’s appeal too.


Rock Star INXS/ Supernova

Yes American Idol gets the viewers but if you want real talent (performance, songwriting and drunken debauchery) this is the show for you and Canada is 2 and 0 for the two seasons. What is it about Canadian Rockers? JD Fortune and Lukas Rossi now front two very big bands.


Finally honorable mentions go to:

So You Think You Can Dance

Dancing With The Stars

Celebrity Duets


I think I watch Too much TV.


6 thoughts on “A Little Left Of Reality

  1. We tend to watch a few reality shows too. I’m really interested to see how Survivor turns out this season. I have to admit I was a little surprised about how the groups worked together. Amazing Race is a favorite, and we did enjoy Big Brother this season. My hubby was really disappointed that Janelle didn’t win the grand prize.

  2. This was interesting. I watch the Amazing Race when it doesn’t conflict with more favoured shows, and I do like RockStar (but I liked last year better than this year.) Otherwise I haven’t watched anything on your list.

    But you forgot my favourite Reality Show (maybe you don’t get it or haven’t seen it.) Hell’s Kitchen. It’s like Iron Chef for Amateurs!

  3. ABQ MOM: I tend to cheer for the underdog and in the last few episodes of big brother I was cheering for the girls. I was so excited when Janelle and Erica had figured things out and I wanted Janelle to win, but when Boogie Won HOH I knew it was the end for Janelle. Ideally the finally two would have been Will and Janelle, the two masters.

    PM: I havn’t watched Hell’s kitchen except the last episode for the last one. It does look interesting. I may look into it depending what is on at the same time. I used to love cooking shows but I have always had a problem with calling my superior “Chef”. Yes Chef, Right away Chef. I guess I jus don’t understand. I know it is respect but…I guess its just me.

  4. Love Survivor. Love Amazing Race (I keep saying it… Ches and I are going to be on that show!! Seriously.).

    You should check out all the reality shows on MTV. They are my guilty little pleasures. Laguna Beach, The Hills, My SuperSweet 16, and Two A Days. I guess I’m a sucker for watching a bunch of spoiled rotten rich kids and getting angry at how unfair the world is. But I enjoy watching it so much.

    Oh, and my newest favorite reality show is on Bravo: Project Runway. I now want to be Heide Klum, and I love watching these “designers” work.

  5. I haven’t gotten into reality shows. They just don’t impress me. However, I have been watching Celebrity Duets. I have to disagree with all the fans who voted Carly Patterson off the show this week. Cheech Marin needs to go and then Hal Sparks, in my opinion.

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