Out Dang Spot!

By a show of hands, how many of you out there have a leopard carpet? Yah me neither. Unfortunately, at first glance you wouldn’t know that it was a nice grey/ blue. Instead it looks like Tarzan killed Sabor skinned him and laid him on my floor. My poor abused carpet has been bombarded by ketchup, chocolate, juice box juice, markers and mud, to name a few.

So I was vacuuming the living room, and seeing not much improvement, I pulled out the spot shot. Now in the past spot shot has worked but not on everything. The youngest wonderling puked every time he ate until the age of 11 months (thanks to acid reflux) so I’ve put it through rigorous testing. I think I got the spots out about 80% of the time. Well this new spot shot was a fresh new bottle in new packaging. What I’m saying is it was new. I wasn’t expecting much, these spots have been there for a while.

As I was saying, I pulled out the bottle, got on my hands and knees and did my best impression of Lady Macbeth. I was able to get out everything I have tried so far except the high lighter.

I still have a lot more carpet to go, but right now Spot Shot, you are my best friend.


6 thoughts on “Out Dang Spot!

  1. Oh my goodness, when you were describing your carpet you might as well have been describing mine! Mine is so far beyond recognition I’m ready to pull the whole thing out and start over again. I don’t know if the store would stock enough of that product to get all the spots out of my carpet. But tit would definitely be worth a try!

  2. I thought your carpet looked great when I was over the other day. I walked in and marveled to myself about how LOVELY your carpet was.

    You know what I fell in love with last week? Febreze! I couldn’t believe how easy it was to fall into it’s clutches. I’ve resisted the urge to like it because everyone else did but there was a bottle at the house we stayed at and I almost swiped it and brought it home in my suitcase!

    Excuse me while I walk to the grocery store to buy me some.

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