Don’t You Wish Your Mommy Was Hot Like Me?

As you can tell I’m suffering from a little bit of insomnia due to my 2.5 hour nap I took at 5:00pm. So here I sit putting mindless posts together. I don’t post pictures of myself, due to the lack of good picture and privacy, but earlier today my hair was working and my face looked slimmer so I decided to make an exception. Now after seeing the picture I think it looks like I was trying out for America’s (Canada’s) Next Overly Ripe Washed Up Model. I was also taking it in the mirror because alas my husband wasn’t around to take the picture and he would ask why are you doing that with your face?


8 thoughts on “Don’t You Wish Your Mommy Was Hot Like Me?

  1. Ohmyheck!!! You really are HOT!! I wish I could look half as good as you. Always been a bit envious of your looks, but now… well, we know which brother married the hot one for sure.

  2. Remember when I thought you looked like my old roommate? I was wrong, it was obviously just that picture. Instead of associating you as pretty by association with my pretty roommate you are officially pretty and don’t look like anyone I know.

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