We are back and tired and stinky. I will post more about our camping trip later. I am going to sleep in my bed. Right now I love my bed because it isn’t an air mattress. Nothing like camping and freezing to make your 11 year old secondhand bed look really good.

Just one thing before I sign off. I was watching some celeb stuff and saw that Zach Braff is coming out with a “new” movie (the American version of an Italian movie). Anyway I saw some beautiful girls in there and thought to myself “Self, why does he get such hot women to act in his movies?” I know he is really funny in SCRUBS and I hear he was brilliant in Garden State (another movie with another beautiful girl) but I don’t know, him and the hotties, is that believable? Am I the only one that wonders about this?

I tired. I go bed. I edit tomorrow


3 thoughts on “HMMMM

  1. Okay, now that I’ve googled the guy to see what he looks like, I have to ask, “Is there something wrong with Zach Braff?” He looks okay to me.

  2. I think the biggest thing is that Zach Braff is a normal looking guy. So how does he get all these hot girls in the movies? Because there is no such thing as a normal looking girl in Hollywood. They are all stunningly beautiful (or people make them out to be that way). Guys can be normal looking. Guys can be fat and/or ugly in Hollywood, and they still make it. Doesn’t make sense to me, but that is what I have observed, anyway.

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