Self Discovery

I’ve been off of some medication for almost a year. One of the reasons I went off of it was because there was this she devil that would bring all the powers of hell to my home once a month. Now that I have been off of “it”, I find out that the she devil was really me and now I am a she devil with crappy skin. Just my luck.


5 thoughts on “Self Discovery

  1. Its not that bad really, I was just hoping for more of a decrease in my frustration at that time of the month. Thankfully it only happens fo one or two days, but the skin its bad all month long.

  2. I soooo totally understand the skin thing. How is it that I am turning 30 here in a few short months, but my skin looks like a 13 year old’s? It’s not fair!! (Yup, I sound like a 13 year old, too, huh?)

  3. I’m right there with you guys. I went through a double-treatment of Accutane and I pay tonnes of money for my skin care regime and I’m in the same boat. I’ve resigned myself to thinking that my children and I can go through our skin problems together.

  4. Personally, I gave up that struggle a long time ago. My skin was better as a teen than it is now. Ugh! So I use a base coverup and just smile when my sister comments on how unfair it is that I have such good skin! [It also helps that she doesn’t see me very often, on opposite ends of the country–so she remembers when I did have good skin!]–>

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