Its Time For A Change

I have been unhappy with the appearance of my blog. I found out on most computers that my banner looks weird and since I don’t know HTML code so I don’t know how to fix it. Unfortunately I don’t really care fore the skins that are available to me at the moment so I chose this minimalist template to try to exude a personality of organization and peace. Is it working?


5 thoughts on “Its Time For A Change

  1. Well, I must say this is an interesting idea. And this, I feel, is a very clean and crisp template.

    In fact, it’s definitely the one I would have chosen — for example, if I independently came up with the exact same idea you did at the exact same time.

  2. The new look is good. I would check the spelling. 😉 Maybe it’s the copy editor in me, but do you think that “fore” and “skin” should be used in the same sentence?

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