How Bazaar, How Bazaar.

I can’t believe I’m posting about this. Ok I can. I admit I’m interested in pop culture and at times I like to know what the celebs are doing, but this certainly not what I wanted this blog to be about, and yet here I am. As many of you know Mrs. Federline has posed nude for the August issue of Harpers Bazzar. The photo is reminisant of the Demi Moore pregnancy photo that had many up in arms almost 15 years ago. I am not going to get into should Britney (we’re on a first name basis) have posed or not. The point of this post was brought about by a number of seemingly unconnected moments.

First my mother and my sister were in line at Walmart to buy a juicer. Two men were in front of them discussing the tabloids. They were comparing which actress was hotter and why. Durring the course of their conversation Angelina Jolie came up and not for the reason you might think. One said to the other, (and I’m paraphrasing)”You know who is hot? Angelina Jolie.” The other man agreed but in response said “Yah, but now that she has had a baby everything has gone kaputs.”

This was a story that I didn’t need to hear, lately with my focus on my body and my quest for a healthier looking body, I have noticed my marks of beeing a mother. I have noticed the saggy streatched skin mainly around my middle and how my boobs are no longer standing at attention. Gone are the days of the demi cup or T shirt bra. I’m a full support girl now. I do morn the loss of my former body, my flat tummy and smaller size. At times I think I would like to go under the knife, but practicallity, reality and my fear of pain set in. Then I start to get mad at myself and “society”(mostly society) for not celebrating the marks of motherhood, for not finding the beauty in a softer deflated body. How come my husband can and I can’t? And if Motherhood is a such a noble job why does society put so much pressure on us to remove all evidence physically that we are mothers?

Fianlly on “The View” they were talking about the changes a body goes through with pregnancy, the before and the after. They talked about Britney and Demi posing nude and then they posed a very interesting question which I am posing now. Putting the fact that you mostlikely wouldn’t have nude pictures taken of yourself aside. Would you more likely have nude pictures taken of yourself when you weren’t pregnant or when you were?

I know this is a strange question considering my readership. I also know that if someone asked me that question I would normally tell them neither, but if I had to choose my answer would be…


10 thoughts on “How Bazaar, How Bazaar.

  1. My answer, in a heartbeat, and before I finished reading your last sentance, is:


    Without a doubt. I think those pregnant pictures are beautiful, and in celebration of motherhood. Honestly, I never felt more feminine in my life than I did full-bellied pregnant. Finally I didn’t have to worry about sucking in my stomac or all the things I self-consciously obsess over. I loved the feeling of walking down the street sticking out further than I ever thought possible. I felt so feminine, so beautiful, so strong, and so God-like. If I wasn’t so concerned with modesty I’d see a maternity photographer (I know a really good one out here, and I love her work, but her clients wear less clothes than I would.)

    What a wordy response! All I wanted to say was: pregnant.

  2. I still don’t think I would pose either way. I’ve always hated certain things about my body, whether before or after gaining my “motherhood marks”, so I wouldn’t have been comfortable about posing nude even back when i was the skinny twig I used to be. As a pregnant woman now, I find some woman to be very beautiful and some not. I am not. I still have bad skin, and it’s worse when I’m pregnant. I don’t even like my husband to see the yucky, stretched out, broken out, extra hairy skin, so why would I let anyone else?

    That said… I believe most nude (or partially nude) photos I have seen are absolutely gorgeous. Proud Mum is right when she says they celebrate motherhood and femininity and all that. It’s just not for me.

  3. Pregnant for all the reasons that have already been stated plus one, I would love a picture of me pregnant when my boobs are no longer sagging and are perking right where they’re suppose to.

  4. Hi Alyson!
    When you are pregnant it’s like you have a purpose (no kidding). No one would dare criticise your flabby arms or say you look like you’re a few donuts over the limit because you are creating another person. I didn’t particularily love the way I looked pregnant, but at least I didn’t feel guilty about it.

  5. Hey Al,
    I am pretty sure that I am the only guy to post a comment on this topic. All I have to say is: Photoshop can do some wonderful things. I bet the designers at the magazine will do some work to make Brit look “good” for the cover.

    I think my wife is more beautiful than ever and she has had two kids. She does not think she is, but I do. I think that should count for something.

  6. I probably would be more likely to pose nude pregnant, if they could supply me wih enough puke buckets on set and someone to hold my hair back. Like many of you I am not happy with my body, but I feel more comfortable in the appearance of my body when I am pregnant. There is also something about a round womb that makes the picture less raunchy.

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