E’s First Day Of School

Today was E’s unofficial first day of school. I know some of you are thinking, “Now how is that possible? It is the end of the year and E isn’t old enough to be in real school.” I volunteered in D’s class to day and Ms. K said that E could come. So I prepared a home and school journal for E and got him a really cool pencil. As luck would have it there was an extra desk in the classroom. He sat with the Grade two’s so he was in a group older than D. He worked in his book and when they were discussing animals in science Ms. K had an animal sheet for him to colour. Then he played at recess and sat at story time. We left at the beginning of lunch. And he was very sad to go. So sad that I had to bribe him with food and a movie, which he is watching right now.

During morning meeting Ms. K introduced E and told the group to welcome him and show him around. He got to buddy read with Claire and David. She also told the class that he was coming to school in September and that they should treat him nice when he comes. That made him feel so great. He wants to go tomorrow but of course he cannot. I just think there are not enough French fries in the world that will make things better when I tell him he can’t . Its a good thing disappointment fades with time. I would run out of money.

I’m just glad that it went so well. This experience has increased his desire to attend school at least 10 fold and that’s a good thing. I don’t know what I would do if it was the other way around.


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