West Alberta, Mountain Momma.

Okay bad adaptation to John Denver’s Country Road, but thats where I am headed. We are going camping in the rockies. We leave tomorow so forgive me if I don’t post or read for a while. Hopefully I won’t be eaten by a bear (my husband is too big , my children are too small, I think I’m just right.) I hope the weather is nice too. This is where we hope to go. Its first come first serve so wish me luck.


8 thoughts on “West Alberta, Mountain Momma.

  1. Last summer we went up to Canada for our family vacation. After we went whale watching off the BC coast (awesome!), we went to Waterton Park. Oh my heck!!! It is possibly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been!

    Have a great time!

  2. Hmm. Don’t even joke about being eaten by a bear. I think I posted on my blog once about how a female doctor from my city was killed by a bear. (Like we could afford to lose another doctor.) I was so angry at her for going on vacation where bears were. Then I got angry at the government for creating the doctor shortage. Anyway, stay AWAY from bears.

  3. Ooooh, that just looks awesome. Heide and Alden were just talking to us about having a family reunion starting in a year or two (after some of us get a bit more settled), and we’d move the reunion around. I vote one year for there. That looks so beautiful and so fun!! 😀

  4. What beautiful country! I’m past my camping days…but you almost tempt me. Take all those bear precautions you know, and come back to us rested and refreshed 🙂

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