May Day! May Day!

Someone stole our flames car flag. My youngest sprayed deep woods off in his eye and fell down the stairs. He is having a rough day. My oldest was very sad about the car flag and started to cry saying “This is my life.” Its enough to break your heart.

8 thoughts on “May Day! May Day!

  1. That is the saddest thing ever! I’m so sorry. I can’t believe someone stole your car flag!! That is what makes me scared to actually put ours up.

  2. OHHHHH…that is the cutest/saddest thing! You are welcome to have one of our flags if you’d like. Here’s to hoping the week gets better!


  3. Thank you for your concern. My boy’s eye is alright and he only has a scratch on his chest from falling. As for the flag, I am not the only one hit. Everyone on my block lost their flag. What the person or people don’t realize is they are stealing from kids and not just any kids. Low income families. Yes we may live in a more afluent part of town, but we rent from a very nice landlord who doesn’t charge exorbatent amounts of rent so we can have our kids in good schools. Sariah I wouldn’t worry about yours. People in your town may not have even heard of hockey.

  4. Naw, people here are fans of the Sharks (if they do indeed know hockey at all). I just worry because people in our neighborhood like to steal things in general. Price you pay (literally) when you live in the ghetto.–>

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