In Heaven There Will Be No Phones

For those of you who hadn’t heard about my previous phone bill problems check here. Well guess what we have been sold again. This time my cell phone bundle with home phone has been separated like twins from birth. Yes This time they billed us wrong. I fell a little bad for the customer service guy who called me this to time see if I was happy with my service (he is probably thinking open can worms everywhere). He managed to calm me down but really is it that hard to get a bill right? The thing that gets me is right after we went line by line and discovered yes I do need a credit he asked me if I wanted to make automatic preauthourized payments. Are you kidding? Why does that always happen? Why do they offer me something that would cause me more frustration in moments like this. How much longer would it take to get my money back? All I have left to say is that whe I die there had better be ESP or something instead of phones.


3 thoughts on “In Heaven There Will Be No Phones

  1. Alyson,

    It’s funny you should say that “there had better be ESP or something instead of phones..” because my boyfriend and I had that same conversation last night!

    It would be great if everybody was on the same wavelength..

  2. I understand completely. I was having some major phone bill drama myself last fall. I hate phone companies. Of course, I really hate that they can’t seem to hire any customer service people who can really help the customers. Or even really speak the same language as their customers…

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