The Heat Is On

I am not much of a sports freak but just so you know…
Calgary won their first playoff game.

Lets Go Flames, Lets Go! Woo Woo.


4 thoughts on “The Heat Is On

  1. Flames play again tonight! WOOT! we’re putting our cool car flag on (Let Tim know, hee hee). Too bad we have a concert and won’t be able to watch the game or listen to it or anything. 😦

  2. Noooo, we can’t cheer for the Red Wings–they’re playing the Oilers!
    We don’t get the Flames games here 😦 but we did get the last Oilers/Wings game and will get game 5. And the Devils are doing great, too, of course:D [my cousin’s wife is a Brodeur]It can be hard having both Oilers and Flames fans in the same house–but right now, it’s OK. 😀 Hockey Rules!

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