Weekly Weigh In #4

Start: 158 Lbs

Week #1: 156 lbs
Week #2: 157.9 lbs
Week #3: 157.5 lbs
Week #4: 157.1 lbs

Net loss 0.9 lbs

Wow this is going slower than I thought. I know I haven’t been very good with my eating. I gave up pop, that was my treat, but I would choose diet pop which was 0 cal. Now I ‘ve replaced it with somethings that are fattier and not 0 cals. I need to sit down and make a plan. I need to find a new treat and I need to not consume it so much what ever it is. Any ideas? And you better not say water because that is not a treat. I’m already sloshing when I walk. I think that I ‘ve busted the myth that increased water consumption will make you lose weight.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In #4

  1. When I was trying to drink a lot of water, for a while I was mixing it up with Crystal Lite. It made drinking the water seem like a treat instead of a chore. Then I figured out that I was getting headaches from it — but if it didn’t give me headaches, I’d probably still be drinking it.

    Other than that, what about sugar free gum? I always found that sugar free bubble gum was a big treat for me (goes back to childhood when my father wouldn’t let us have gum in the house, so I used to have to sneak it).

  2. Hey I feel your frustration. I hate water as well, so I drink that flavored water from Nestle. It’s got splenda in it so it’s not as bad as the aspartame and it’s yummy. I also did the crystal light thing as well and that works too. If you really need a sugar fix, 7-eleven makes crystal light slurpees that are really sweet and that will curb your sweet tooth. I gave up diet pop as well recently and it’s greatly missed, but a good step anyways.

    Don’t give up I know your frustration. What you need to do is write down everything you put in your mouth and keep track of it. Then you’ll know where your weak spots are and also how much your consuming.

    Good luck!

  3. Alyson,
    Cadbury makes these new chocolate bars that are 100 calories and they are YUMMY! (I think they are called “thins”.)
    Also, a tip, I put my junk food, like chocoloate bars and candy, in the freezer, then, when I have a craving, I have to wait for it to unthaw, and if I REALLY want it I will wait, otherwise, it is a deterrant and I will find something healthier. I also find that cutting up veggies and having them ready in the fridge in my Tupperware makes me more likely to eat it if I don’t have to prepare it every time I want to eat it.
    Good luck! Keep it up! (BTW, your pre-weight is my dream weight!)

  4. Devynn-I do love those “thins”. They come in both dark and milk chocolate and most of the time they are only 80 cents a my local safeway. As for putting them in the freezer I don’t think it would work because you see I prefer my cookies and choco;ate frozen. I know itrs a weird quirk of mine.

    Karen- thanks for the gum idea, I think I may give it a try. I’m going to hear it from my boys because I, like your father, don’t like gum.

    Beauty Shop – I gave up pop for lent even though I’m not catholic. I thought it was a good length of time to give it a try I’ve been pop free for at least 9 days. 30 more days to go. surprising I haven’t had the withdrawl headaches that I thought I would ( I usually get them when I go off chocolate).

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