Being A Domestic Godess

When I was in University, I found a book my grandmother gave to me when I was a year old. The book was called The Fascinating Girl. The author also wrote Fascinating Womanhood. We would sit around, a group of girls and I, and read it an laugh. Its been a long time so I don’t remember many particulars. What I do remember was there was a chapter on setting the mood/ how to catch a man. It invovled lighting, but not in the way you would think. You were to cast a rosy glow about the room by throwing gauzy pink material over the lamps. I may have remembered this wrong but can you say fire hazard? The book contained ideas more like this but pertaining more to being a girl and how to catch a man. I would look it up to confirm my impressions but I cannot. I had left it at the institute between classes and someone must have needed it more than I did because it was gone by the end of class. Maybe she is getting invited to all the fancy parties.

And yet again spell check on blogger is not working.


3 thoughts on “Being A Domestic Godess

  1. There’s spellcheck on the blogger?
    I have that book, “Fascinating Womenhood”. Its companion for guys is “Man of Steel and Velvet” We still have it, too. Guess I’ll have to give them a look, its been more than a few decades!

  2. I have seen that article that you referenced before. It always made me smile or giggle. As I was reading it today I thought to myself “you know what, there are more than a few things on this list that you’re doing”. Not neccessarily the ones that makes the wife appear to be a doormat for her husband but a few of the nicer ones. Look presentable when he comes home, greet him at the door, at least start preparing dinner as he’s walking in. Make a quick trip through the house to tidy up before he arrives. Interesting…

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