Isolation and Lack of Education

To tell you the truth I can’t believe I am weighing in on this because the last thing I want to do is give this any more publicity that it already has. Maybe that is why I have waited so long. I think there is some better way we could be using our time as educated women then battling between SAHM (Stay at home moms) and working women. We could be changing the world in the board room as well as raising kids who give a damn but no we (the royal femailian we) are wasting our time being offended by one another and never getting anything done. That being said I find it quite funny that a particular topic of The right to Education (aka Mommy Wars) and using it comes at the same time our Relief Society Book group discussed the book The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. It is about a girl growing up in Afghanistan under Taliban Rule. Deborah Ellis spent some time in refugee camps interviewing people there and the book is this result. Proceeds from the book go to refugee camps to set up schools for girls.

Now I know that most if not all have not read the book but one point I would like to make is that the Taliban were able to rule through fear. This was accomplished by isolating people and taking away their education. You can not communicate with the outside world because you are isolated and you end up relying so much on the regime because you are uneducated. When the Taliban were no longer in charge of Afghanistan things didn’t get better because there were so many uneducated people. No one to stand up an lead.

I think we all agree that everyone (including women) should be educated and we never ever see it getting this bad, at least in North America, but it is amazing how quickly it can slide. Before the Soviets tried to enter Afghanistan they were a thriving country with running water and education. Now they are in total chaos. Be grateful for the feminist movement and that you have choice and instead of bickering we should be helping those achieve their ability to choose. Isn’t it amazing what one little children’s book can make one think of.


7 thoughts on “Isolation and Lack of Education

  1. I heard that the Taliban is starting to gain support again in Afghanistan and the women there are going to be in trouble should they ever return to power. Unfortunately groups like that seem to thrive in the poorer of Muslim countries. (No I am not saying anything bad about Islam so please do not fly a plane into my house).

  2. Alyson, you made the point I was originally trying to get across. Good on ya! (You also don’t have a younger sister who has to challenge everything you say and believe and twist things so that the argument comes out in a whole new subject. Lucky.)

    I had a friend in high school who’s family immigrated from Afghanistan. The mother is highly educated and was a person of importance in Afghanistan. Luckily they got out before all of her rights were stripped away. I believe there has to be a way for us, as free and independent women, to be able to help the women of Afghanistan keep their rights. I just don’t know how. I know there are organizations, but I don’t know what. Any ideas anyone?

  3. Interesting topic, Ms. Alyson. Of course I totally agree with your points, but I have some issues with the femanist movement too. That could be an entire post, though, on my blog.
    I love this about your blog, you bring up some of the most interesting topics!

  4. I am not saying the feminist movement is not without their skeletons, but it was a necessity. Things that I take for granted like opening a savings account, my aunt told me that she could not without a man’s permission (husband or father). Crazy. I just opened an investment account and plan to open a trading account and I don’t even have a job.

  5. Are you saying that “The Mommy Wars” is a CHILDREN’S BOOK!? After all the talk, I have determined that I should read it so I know what I am takling about.
    Next library trip. In my class today a study was brought up that studied the differences and similarities of people in particular jobs–especially how certain people get to CEO status. The was a direct corallary to language–if a person was educated in the use of language–good communication skills that he could rise highest. Who teaches children their language? Who is the greatest influence? Generally speaking, Mom. So there is another argument for educated mothers.

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