I am making my attempt at the weekly anamnesis #9. I had a good story for invitation but I’m a procrastinator so I’m stuck with conclusion.

I used to visit M.J. once a month for a short period of time. She had a great sense of humor and wisdom, both of which she didn’t mind sharing. One day during one of our visits, we got to talking about children. We discussed the ups and downs, the times you wanted to pull your hair out and the times that made parenthood all worthwhile. This particular visit was the winter before my eldest was to enter kindergarten. She told me, “Alyson, don’t take this time for granted, soon your children will be in school, and the world will get them for the best time of the day.”

About a year previous to this conversation I heard the story of a mother. She was telling her daughter that she was the most beautiful girl in the world, when a lady overhearing their conversation said, “You better stop telling her those things, aren’t you afraid of giving her a swelled head?” The young mother replied, “When I send her in to the world, people will tear her down. It will be harder then for her to believe me when I tell her she is special. I am just getting a head start on the world.”

I have been conscious of these two thoughts in my mind. I have used them as a standard for the type of mother I want to be. Although there are times I have lost my temper, I have tried to build my children up. I have tried to give them the confidence they need. I have tried to not take my time for granted. I haven’t always been successful, but there is a glimmer of hope. Last Sunday as my boys were getting ready for church, I told my youngest that I thought he looked very nice. With his hands on his hips, he stated, “Well I am a handsome little boy.” Then he turned and laughed his head off.

Although I’m not always doing what I like, I have come to the conclusion that I’m not doing that bad.


8 thoughts on “Conclusion

  1. i wish all parents would adopt this mentality…

    i wish people in general would adopt this mentality. building someone up is so much more productive than tearing them down- but… that’s what happens, isn’t it?

    why? i mean… why do we do that … as people, in general, i mean?

  2. Alyson, you have always been my role model of what a good mother is. I think it helps that from early on with D, Heide would say, “Alyson is such a good mother. She does this and this and this.” From all the praise I heard from her, and then the things your husband has said about your mothering, I knew long before I started having kids that you are the kind of mom I want to be.

    E is so great. And he IS a handsome little boy!

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