One Little, Two Little, Three Little Grey Hairs

I was looking in the mirror the other day and I notice this grey hair sticking straight up. Thats the thing about grey hairs they are a little more wirier than the others. At first I wasn’t quite sure that it was a grey hair. The lighting in the bathroom isn’t that great, maybe that us why I never noticed it before or could it be I haven’t colored my hair for 6 months. Anyway, as I was scoping to see if it really was a grey hair, I found 2 more. I thought I should stop there. Now I have one grey hair for every year I’m over 30. (I’m in my 33 year). I look for the fourth one next year.


6 thoughts on “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Grey Hairs

  1. Al, don’t have a fight with Dana over grey hair. She’ll win, trust me! 😉

    But while we’re on the subject… I’ve found several grey hairs in the last few years. Oh, well. It has to happen at some point, right?

  2. It gets bad when your husband tells you he was noticing during the parent-teacher interview that your “skunk stripe” (which you thought was still well-hidden under the other hair) is starting to get wider. I think it’s at three-quarters of an inch now.

  3. Girl, girls, Only your hairsresser is supposed to know! I find as I get older that is more and more true. Your generation is the contact generation, mine the hair color gen. We’ve made it acceptable, so don’t worry about the stray greys (You’ve earned them, right?) Just disguise ’em!

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