Lets Play Master and Padawan

“E will you come here and put you clothes on?”

“E we have to get to school, D is going to be late.”
Still silence. I can feel my frustration mounting

“E you have 3 seconds…(insert threat here)”

“Mom I am a Jedi and you must call me master.”

“OK Master Jedi”, I say through gritted teeth,” please put your pants on or we are going to be late.”

When he has a name change you think he would let me know before hand so that I can avoid all the frustration, but no. I had to continue to call him Master Jedi for 3 days to get him to do anything, walk, eat, really anything.

2 thoughts on “Lets Play Master and Padawan

  1. So, was that Master Jedi calling us last night? That was a funny non-message on the machine.

    Aiden often does the name change thing. Usually he is Spiderman, but sometimes he is someone from Star Wars (it changes constantly. The most popular are Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, a tall Storm Trooper, or a robot of somekind.), and we are all assigned new names.

    So… Ches is usually Batman or Hahn Solo, I am Wonder Woman or Princess Leia, and Dallin is Superman or Chewbacca.

    Think these kids might be related? 😉

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