I Am Sooo Frustrated

I am So frustrated. I am frustrated with myself for not letting go of things I cannot control. I am frustrated with people not following through because it makes me look bad. I understand people have lives. I know their priorities are not mine. Yet I still need to give people a chance to do what they say they will do. I just wanna sit down and cry.


5 thoughts on “I Am Sooo Frustrated

  1. I hate giving up control of part of a project to someone else. I’d rather do it myself that way I KNOW its going to get done, but you can’t do that, you HAVE to give the other person the chance. But like you said it truly angers me when they don’t follow through cause it doesn’t just make them look bad it makes you look bad too. I’m sorry that this happened to you.

  2. Alyson, I totally understand what you mean! It is hard to plan something and you have a vision of it, and then you have to delegate, and you spend the whole time wondering if they have even thought about what they are supposed to be doing, or if they will remember about it the night before. I totally understand!

  3. I am having a similar problem right now. A friend of mine said that she would do something for me. It has been a few weeks and it is still not done. I asked her about it a few days ago and she got all defensive and acted like I had insulted her by asking. It is like I put her out by asking this favor… my question will always and forever be, if you didn’t want to do it, why did you tell me that you would? Why can’t we all just follow through on our commitments? Or not make a promise that we don’t intend to keep? I think that I also need to work on letting things go 🙂

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