Unto much is given, much is required.

This morning I woke up to visions of Harry Connick Jr. carrying an old man to a rescue boat. This was followed by a myriad of pictures of celebrities “rescuing” people. I admit my first thought was how nice that a camera man just happened to be there to witness this astounding moment. Where were the camera men for the regular everyday person rescuing people.

Shortly after that I saw an editorial cartoon in the National Post, A Canadian news paper. It was of a victim of hurricane Katrina sitting with a sign that said celebrity photo ops $10.00. After all this I started to get mad at the stars for taking advantage of these people all for a good photo opportunity.

As it turns out I am wrong. This doesn’t usually happen but at least I am able to recognize it when it happens. It turns out all of these celebs are from the area and felt a pull to help. That feeling I can understand and I’m from way faraway in Canada. Even if their motives are wrong who is it really hurting. These people have the means that most of us wish we had and at least they are doing something noble instead of wasting it. It would be much worse if they had the means and didn’t use it.


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