There is NO Free Lunch People!

Maybe because I am in such a grumpy mood right now, I would like to blame it on PMS but its not the right time. Boy are you are in for a gripe session. I am sick and tired of people who feel entitled, that the world owes them. I have a son that feels he is entitled to ice cream despite previous warnings on behavior. I personally know others that feel entitled to a standard of living that is higher than most just because their parents have it,and feeling they don’t have to work for it. There are others who live by the dole and vote according to the social programs that are offered at this very moment despite the immoral and unscrupulous manner the party conducts themselves. ( Can you tell I live in Canada). GET REAL as if the new government would remove ALL of those programs after they got in office. Then there are others who do a little work and expect every thing for free at the same time rejecting any other form of help, so they could get it for free. Just one word of advice don’t tick me off after a 6 hour trip, with the kids, that was supposed to be fun but was mostly full of whining and fighting.

Ok the trip wasn’t that bad. We did have some fun, but I am TIRED!


One thought on “There is NO Free Lunch People!

  1. That is a great post Al, and so close to the truth. There are many in this Country who expect a free ride. I also dislike people who ride on the laurels of their parents!

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